New Single: SAVE TOMORROW (Solo) Never Released Before

This is the first time Jermaine Jackson`s Soloversion of "Save Tomorrow" is available to the public. You can stream and/or download not less than five different mixes of "Save Tomorrow".
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“Save Tomorrow” is a timely reminder of the horrors that are still happening in the world and close to our borders. It’s important now more than ever to echo the message of the song “Save Tomorrow”. Experiencing that music is a universal language all over the world and loving to reach people through his music, Jermaine uses his voice and fame to create social awareness and addressg the state of the world. The remastered solo versions of “Save Tomorrow” by Jermaine Jackson are released for the first time ever by AW Music Entertainment Group in 2022 to help place the spotlight on humanity and peace in the world.

“Save Tomorrow”, the song written and composed by singer/songwriter Theresa Rhodes and performed in a duet by her and legendary Jermaine Jackson more than 25 years ago, is remastered and for the first time available as Jermaine’s solo version. The song is produced by Gareth Cousins for Dusty Records label. The British recording engineer and music producer Gareth Cousins is originally trained at Abbey Road Studios and best known for his score mixing work on films such as Gravity, Baby Driver, Suicide Squad and Notting Hill.

Theresa and Jermaine first met each other in 1994 in Zimbabwe during an anti-elephant poaching campaign and they started discussing the many concerns about the world. Theresa told Jermaine about her first song that she wrote and composed after seeing constant terrible images of war zones where “too much pain, too much sorrow” happens and especially children becoming victims. Theresa played “Save Tomorrow” for Jermaine and he liked its message and he offered to sing it with her. Theresa and Jermaine publicly performed “Save Tomorrow” together during a charity concert in London before recording the duet version in December of 1994 at Dinemec Studios in Geneva, Switzerland, produced by Matt Clifford.

Original Duet Video with Jermaine Jackson and Theresa Rhodes

The duet version of “Save Tomorrow” was originally released in 1995 by the Dusty Records label of AW Music Entertainment Group. Jermaine and Theresa went on a huge promotional tour across all major cities in Germany to make numerous appearances on television, radio shows and live performances in discotheques. The single reached several top ten positions in various German radio charts. A music video for “Save Tomorrow” was also made showing Jermaine and Theresa working together in the recording studio and it was assembled with Red Cross images of the war in Sarajevo, as well as footage showing the Rwanda exodus following the genocide in that country. However, the video was deemed “too sad” to go public at the time, so little use was made of it during the promotional tours and it was finally shelved. The video was later published on YouTube only a couple years ago.

The Phenomenon Jackson 5

The Jackson 5 were later known as The Jacksons when brothers Jackie, Tito, Marlon, Michael and Randy signed to CBS Records, while Jermaine stayed loyal to Motown and continued his solo career. Jermaine and the brothers reunited in 1984 at a peek of Jermaine’s success as an established solo artist, and released their biggest-selling album to date, Victory, followed by the Victory Tour, performing 55 concerts to an audience of 2 million and the tour sold what was then a record number of ticket sales. Adored by millions of fans the world over, The Jacksons forever changed the landscape of popular music. The Jacksons’ unique brand of soulful pop-funk, their lengthy catalogue of hits, and their impeccable live performances have made them one of the most beloved musical acts of all time. Idols unlike any other in music history, the Jacksons redefined, reinvented, and reinvigorated popular music as we know it.

Going Solo

Possessing one of the most elegant voices in the popular music industry and being a dynamic talented bass guitarist, Jermaine Jackson made his imprint in the musical landscape and raised the bar for future generations. Let’s Get Serious (Motown Records, 1981) remains undoubtedly Jermaine Jackson’s most successful album having sold over 2 million copies worldwide and receiving the 1981 Grammy Award nomination for Best Male R&B Vocals Performance.

The album Dynamite (Arista Records, 1984) features memorable duets with brother Michael ("Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin'), Whitney Houston ("Take Good Care Of My Heart") and Pia Zadora (the mega hit "When The Rain Begins To Fall" which receives daily airplay on radio stations to this day). The album features memorable duets with brother Michael, Whitney Houston and Pia Zadora.

Social awareness and giving back has been a hallmark of Jermaine and the Jackson Family values since they started in the music industry over 50 years ago. Jermaine supports numerous social and humanitarian causes to make the world a better place, because he believes that saving one life gives hope to thousands of others. Jermaine has said that "a star can fall, but a good human being can rise all the time" and it's important to him to make the world remember his brother Michael for the great human being that he was. Always being a keeper of the flame, Jermaine moved beyond the music in other worlds than entertainment to make his dreams come true and turn his creative concepts into reality.

(Janneke van der Linden / Andreas Weihs)